Chiropractic Care for Knee Injuries

Your knees are a couple of the hardest working parts of your body. Although they are extremely complex and sturdy joints, the amount of wear and tear they sustain from everyday living can lead to serious problems and chronic pain. Add to that an active lifestyle and sports injuries that can permanently damage knee cartilage, and you are looking at serious knee problems later in life. Some common causes of knee pain include arthritis, injuries to the cartilage, ligament injuries, torn or damaged meniscus, and injury to the tendons. If knee pain goes unchecked, it can lead to mobility issues and debilitating inflammation, not to mention the possibility of knee replacement surgery. Fortunately, your chiropractor can help alleviate your knee pain through a series of special adjustments and have you feeling much better in no time.

Chiropractic Care for Your Body

Chiropractic care is commonly associated with neck and back pain, and people are often surprised to find out that your chiropractor can successfully treat the pain in every muscle and joint of your body, including your knees. Whether your knee pain is a complication of a chronic illness or ailment, or whether you have sustained an injury to your knee from sports or an accident, a chiropractor can treat your knee and other areas that may be causing referred pain in your knees, like your lower back, pelvis and hips. Because chiropractic treatment centers around the philosophy that all body parts must work together for total wellness, your chiropractor will take measures to ensure proper alignment not just in your knees but in your body as a whole.

Increase Knee Function and Mobility

Your chiropractic knee treatment will be tailored to your individual needs, but you should expect it to include chiropractic manipulation techniques to increase knee function and mobility, ice to reduce inflammation and pain, and ultrasound and interferential therapy to heal soft tissue. You may be prescribed endurance and stability exercises once your initial healing treatments are underway.

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