Chiropractic Care for Infants in Longview, WA

Chiropractic Care For Infants

In the past, it was uncommon for parents to take their infants and young children into chiropractic care. However recent research has shown that regular adjustments can make an incredible difference in spinal health as well as the development of neurological symptoms or injuries present at a younger age than most people thought possible.

This article will discuss chiropractic care for infants and explain why chiropractic care is so critical for the development and general health of infants. Read on to discover how you can use chiropractic care to increase your baby’s comfort and set them on the right path for healthy development. 

Infant Chiropractic Care Matters

Scientific research on infant health and development has suggested that there may be a link between spinal misalignment and symptoms of poor feeding, sleeping, and compromised immune health. [1] The research also indicates that these symptoms can be dramatically reduced by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. Infant chiropractic care matters because it helps babies regain their health and stay clear of persistent discomfort. [1]

How Do Infant Chiropractic Adjustments Help?

We already know that infants are vulnerable to health challenges brought on by stress during birth. [1] What we know less about, is what these challenges look like from a neurological perspective. [1] According to one Harvard pathologist, it is quite common for infants to suffer spinal injuries as a result of the birthing process. [1] When these injuries occur, they can lead to additional problems such as impaired functioning of the child’s neurological development. [1] Trauma like this, when left unchecked, may ultimately grow into more significant issues, where symptoms like difficulty breathing, challenges sleeping, colic, and irritability, begin to surface. [2] These nerve-based symptoms may occur regardless of whether the birth was natural or achieved via a C-section. [2] A chiropractor with expertise in pediatrics care can align the infant’s spine safely, undoing the nerve damage that promotes the symptoms and general discomfort the infant is experiencing. [1] Oftentimes, parents assume that their child’s symptoms are just part of being an infant, and by no fault of their own, do not make the connection that something more significant is going on. [2]

The Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments For Infants

First and foremost, if you are at all concerned about the handling of your baby during their chiropractic adjustments, don’t be! You can rest with peace of mind, knowing that the methods of chiropractic adjustments for infants are very different from the methods used to treat adults. [3] An extremely light amount of pressure is used to realign the spine so that the baby is not harmed in any way. [2] Babies’ symptoms, such as ear infections, acid reflux, teething, and irritability, are all successfully reduced or eliminated with regular visits. [1] Moreover, colicky behavior that stems from digestive issues such as gas, constipation, diarrhea, and slow motility, can also be resolved by seeing a chiropractor. [1]

The Urgency of Chiropractic Adjustments For Infants

In addition to realigning the spine and relieving the baby of discomfort, chiropractic adjustments also benefit the spine’s timely and proper growth and enhance the baby’s immune function. [2] Regular chiropractic adjustments aid explicitly in the transmission of cells that are wired to fight disease. [3] By attending regular visits, your baby will gain a more consistent ability to strengthen their immune system and as well as a greater level of resiliency to protect their body. [1] If you’ve noticed that your infant has trouble being comforted, it is worth a visit to a pediatrics chiropractor. The infant and toddler stages are the most vulnerable times for lifelong neurological challenges to occur. [3] The other important factor to consider is that babies must also be carried. The reason that this fact is significant in the context of spinal and neurological health is that, while the assistance of parents and others is well-meaning, it can also negatively impact the baby’s spine. Additionally, the bones in infants’ necks are very soft and flexible, making them more prone to injury. [1] For all of these reasons, seeking chiropractic care for infants in vulnerable positions is particularly urgent; it is important not to let any problems get worse. 

The Bottom Line

It could very well be that your baby’s chronic discomfort is about more than typical infant behavior. Given all the challenges associated with compromised spinal and neurological development, the sooner your infant receives the adjustment care they need from a qualified pediatrics chiropractor, the better. It is much more challenging to undue spinal and neurological damage as an adult, so speak with a pediatric chiropractor today to bring your infant one step closer to good health and comfort. 

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