Can You Get Taller After A Chiropractic Adjustment

The adjectives tall, dark, and handsome are often used to describe someone irresistible. But the beauty standard of being tall is not limited to men. From fashion models to movie stars, being tall adds a level of appeal that is universally enjoyed by everyone.

That is why, if you are a few inches shorter than your ideal height, it’s understandable if you want to make up that difference. During your research, you may have also stumbled upon incidents of chiropractic making people taller. 

That may have also caused you to think about how to get taller with chiropractic yourself. To help you get an answer to this question, here’s an overview of how chiropractic can make you taller.

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With that, let us find out more about chiropractic adjustments, spinal discs, and how chiropractic care can have an impact on your life.

Does Stretching Make You Taller?

Chiropractic Care is associated with adjusting your muscles as well as your skeletal structure. This musculoskeletal adjustment allows you to resolve many concerns such as joint pain, back pain, and foot pain. It can also help with injuries such as whiplash

However, stretching is an altogether different exercise than musculoskeletal or spine adjustment. While engaging in stretching helps with the relaxation and expansion of your muscles, it does not have any long-lasting effects on your height. It’s because once we grow past the age of 18-20, our height does not increase afterward. This holds true for most people.

This means that even if you exercise, only a very small amount of difference can be seen in your muscles. In a few cases, it could cause a tiny expansion in your height. But unless you do a variety of stretching every day, your height may appear very slightly taller at one part of the day, only to get back to its usual state afterward. This difference can be so minimal that it is barely there for many people. This renders the approach quite unusable for a lot of people.

On the other hand, chiropractic adjustment can work in certain cases to provide you with a permanent difference in your height. But this comes with certain stipulations and special circumstances. To learn how to get taller with chiropractic, you need to see how chiropractic adjustment works for height in the first place.

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What Happens When a Chiropractor Adjusts You?

When you turn to chiropractic care and a chiropractor adjusts you to fix your height, they are actually working to fix your posture through your spinal movement. It is because in some cases, posture such as slouched standing or walking brings about a noticeable difference in height. When this issue is corrected, it seems that you have gained a few inches with a chiropractic adjustment. 

This means that even though your spine is of the same height, it may then stand in an upright position as it should. While this is how chiropractic can make you taller, you need to understand that this particular effect does not hold the same result for everyone. For example, if you already have a good posture, getting a chiropractic adjustment may help you with other issues, but it may not do much for your height. 

As a result, chiropractic adjustment for height works wonders for those with spinal alignment issues. With that being said, it can still make a marginal difference where minimal spinal adjustment is involved. 

But if you are expecting mind-blowing results from your adjustment, this may dampen your spirits. That is why it is important to manage your expectations with the help of a qualified chiropractor.

Remember that chiropractic adjustments will help improve your overall posture and health in several ways but it is not a magic potion to become very tall.

How Many Inches Can Good Posture Add?

Good posture can add as many inches as your bad posture takes from you. This means that the number of inches you can obtain through a chiropractic adjustment depends completely on the effect that your slouch has on your height.

For many people, this difference can be two inches. For others, it is a little more or even less. But the actual number varies on a case-to-case basis. That is why even when you learn how to get taller with chiropractic, the actual answer of how many inches you can add to your height is highly variable. 

In order to get an idea about how many inches your slouch is taking away from your height, you should have a personalized consultation with a chiropractor. After a physical checkup, a qualified chiropractor can tell you the difference that a spinal adjustment can make for you.

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