How Can Pilates Help the Health of My Spine?

Pilates helps to prevent back pain through developing muscles that negate structural imbalances within the body. Many chiropractors today recommend individuals with back pain consider starting a Pilates program. These exercise regimens can help to relieve symptoms and prevent future back pains.

  • Alignment Awareness:

Pilates focuses on alignment awareness. This includes a consciousness of the neutral spine and the proper use of the hips and shoulders. While some moves are advanced, many Pilates exercises can be practiced even while home. This can help practitioners create an ongoing habit of neutral spine alignment. By increasing an awareness of the neutral spine, Pilates reduces undue stress related to posture on the spinal column.


  • Strengthens Core Muscles:

Pilates helps to strengthen deep postural muscles. In lay terms, it helps to build core muscles. Not just the surface muscles that create the “6-pack” – Pilates helps to develop muscles beneath these primary muscles groups. This is unlike many other forms of exercise, which focus on developing the larger, more visible muscles. How does this to relate to spinal health? These muscles help to stabilize the spine and support it. Pilates will also help strengthen the back stabilizer muscles that work with the core to maintain proper posture.


  • Reduces Pain:

Not only can Pilates increase spinal awareness, but it can improve flexibility and muscle suppleness. A well-supported spine should be able to curve, twist and move without pain. Through Pilates, core and back muscles learn to work harmoniously together. The protection and support these unified muscles provide the spine allow it to increase its range of motion. Furthermore, Pilates helps to stretch tight muscles along the spine. This can ease tension, which can restrict movements and create unnecessary pains. Additionally, Pilates can help reduce overall weight. For individuals who do need to lose weight, this can help further reduce additional stress on the spine.


Anyone who suffers from back pain should talk to a physician before starting a Pilates program. Chiropractic care practitioners can help develop a plan or prescribe specific moves that can help reduce back pain. Easily modified, Pilates can work for individuals of all fitness and flexibility levels.

A well-rounded chiropractic center will be able to help address any concerns regarding back pain. This may include massages, personally tailored Pilates-based exercises, or nutritional assessments. At Family Chiropractic Care, we look to assist our clients with reducing pain and healing. Please visit our website for more information.