Can Chiropractic Treatment Benefit People with Carpal Tunnel?

Carpel Tunnel Treatment | Chiropractor | Kelso, WA Chiropractic treatment involves the proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system through techniques, such as spinal adjustments and stretching of the muscles. Spinal adjustments align the spine from its base to the top of the neck. Any misalignment of the upper spine can impinge the nerves running from the neck and down through the wrist, which can worsen the symptoms of carpal tunnel. Additionally, tightened muscles in the arms resulting from the tension caused by carpal tunnel can impinge those same nerves. By aligning the spine and stretching the muscles in the arm, chiropractic care is immensely effective in treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

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In combination with spinal adjustments and muscle stretching, an experienced chiropractor will also provide advice on lifestyle changes that will reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel and ensure the benefits of your chiropractic care are long-lasting. The repetitive motions that cause carpal tunnel syndrome are commonly attributed to work that involves computer usage, and work performed in the manufacturing and construction industry. Your chiropractor will inquire as to what types of movements you regularly perform and suggest simple changes that you can make to improve your carpal tunnel and spinal alignment. These changes may include the following:  adjusting the height of your computer; using an ergonomic keyboard; lessening the weight of your tool belt; and wearing a wrist brace to align your wrist during work and sleep. To attain the greatest benefit from your chiropractic care, it’s imperative that you adjust your work and lifestyle to decrease your suffering with carpal tunnel.

Chiropractic Treatment in Kelso, WA

Carpal tunnel can be an aggravating and painful experience that plagues the sufferer day after day. Quite distressingly, it can negatively affect work performance, quality of sleep and overall disposition. However, before you turn to the invasive intervention of surgery to find relief from carpal tunnel, contact our office at (360) 636-2636 so our licensed chiropractor care team can explain the many benefits you can experience from concentrated treatment by our qualified professionals.