Benefits of Spinal and Posture Screenings in Longview, WA

What is Posture Screening?

Postural assessment refers to the observation of static posture for alignment and visual and palpable assessment of paired anatomical landmarks to ensure they are in perfect agreement. Prospective patients and clients standstill, with feet shoulder-width apart, face forward, and arms relaxed to the sides for the postural assessment. Spinal screenings also form part of this.

Why is Postural Assessment important?

The postural assessment, also referred to as postural screening, is critical for anyone intending to start physical therapy and physical exercise programs. Postural screening helps identify postural faults and shows if your muscles or joints are in balance. Postural faults can lead to workout failure.

Your fitness professionals need a postural screening report to conduct posture analysis to assess muscular efficiency. The body functions are in perfect agreement, with the right posture. When the body posture is right, movement is even and body weight evenly distributed. Postural screening helps detect dangers.

Body Composition Analysis

Body composition analysis refers to the assessment of body composition of fat-free mass. It is an important health measure to assess and monitor body composition of fat-free mass, especially for athletes. Body composition of fat is concerned with fat found in muscle tissue, subcutaneous fat under the skin, and visceral fat surrounding organs. A certain level of essential fat in these areas protects organs. Excessive amounts of them are however dangerous to health.

Assessing Static Standing Posture

Postural assessment can be static or dynamic. An ideal posture is that state in which muscles and bones are well balanced to support body structures and protect them from injury or deformation. Static posture involves assessing static standing posture, i.e., the body’s alignment when one is standing still. On the other hand, a body in movement experiences dynamic body posture.

Assessing static posture involves looking at the position of the spine, neck, pelvis, shoulder blades, shoulders, hip ratio, knees, and feet while you are standing still.

Ways to Improve your Posture

A good posture is important for a healthy spine and you should work on posture improvement. This is because the human body was designed to be upright, not slouched over. It is thus important to avoid slouching as it can lead to back pain and other health issues.

There are many ways you can improve your posture. One of the most effective ways is through physical exercises and physical therapy. This can be stretching, yoga, Pilates, walking, dancing, swimming, water aerobics, jogging and running, aerobic exercise classes, balanced overhead squat, and bicycle riding.

At Family Chiropractic Care, we offer a variety of services that are geared towards giving you a stable posture. Some are correctives-based approaches while others are not. While some are repeatable measures to maintain a good posture, others are one-time and meant to address temporary postural faults.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Most back injuries resolve themselves, and others with small physical therapy. However, when the back injuries become recurrent, serious physical therapy and rehabilitation are necessary. Otherwise, you may experience synergistic dominance. Synergistic dominance refers to recurrent injuries resulting from muscular imbalance. Muscular imbalance is caused by supporting muscles trying to replace major muscles. Proper physical therapy and rehabilitation can relieve this imbalance and help alleviate long-term postural problems.

Corrective Exercise for Athletes

Training programs for athletes are essential for keeping muscular balance. Exercises with a correctives-based approach are also critical in resolving certain injuries. Athletes often find themselves training but miss building a balanced support mechanism. We offer proper physical therapy to this group of sportspeople to ensure a balanced support system for an outstanding postural state.

Corrective Exercises with Experts

Corrective exercises are critical to Family Chiropractic Care and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Meet our physical and massage therapists to give you the best and professional physical therapy you can think of. Other areas we deal with are massage therapy. This is also a form of physical therapy and comes in two forms: deep tissue physical therapy and hot stone massage. They are done by our physical and massage therapists who are trained in relaxing massage therapy in Longview WA and have the skills and experience to work with patients across all ages.

Spinal and Posture Screenings in Longview, WA

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