Do You Have Back Pain From Playing Golf?

When looking for a sport which demands patience, having fun, and physical efforts, golf will definitely be on top of the list. What worries most of the golfers though is the nagging question why they experience back pain in playing golf from time to time. Fret not anymore because we are here to answer your biggest worry. We’ll teach you how to get rid of that back ache from now on.

#1 Core weakness

Core weakness is usually related to the added strain in your joints when you move. Especially with rotational movements, your lower back is used for a full golf swing. Yes, even simple movements can cause you those back pains.

#2 Poor control of trunk

Moreover, a poor trunk control can be associated with the lack of good posture when doing your swings. This can be improved by doing regular exercise to increase your flexibility.

#3 Limited hip mobility

When your hip rotates, there is also an internal rotation which occurs when you do a backswing. Therefore, when you have a limited hip mobility, your hips are too stiff to adjust. This causes you back pain and discomfort when playing golf.

How to Prevent Back Pain:

#1 Warm up and Cool Down

Just like when you’re exercising, you also need to prepare your body before playing golf for you to be accustomed of the physical efforts you will do. It’s important to warm up first to prevent back pain. This sets your body in tune before you play golf. The same when you finish playing, a cool down stretching also helps to ease you muscles.

#2 Practice your golf swings beforehand

There is a proper way to swing in golf so doing it improperly will worsen your back pain. Practice it before you play so you can achieve not only a goal but a better state for your body.

#3 Carry your golf bag properly

I bet you didn’t think about this one. A heavy baggage is also a culprit for your back pain. Always make sure that your bag straps put the pressure equally on your back.

That’s it! Practice these tips from us to prevent back pain and continue enjoying your game. It may not make you a better player, but it will definitely improve your back’s wellbeing. And that means you’ll continue to enjoy your golf game every day.

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