Back Pain After An Epidural

Each pregnancy is unique, and it brings with it many challenges, pain, and aches. It is common for pregnant women to complain of lower back pains during pregnancy and birth. Thus low back pain is not necessarily due to an epidural.

An epidural is anesthesia administered to the epidural space on the spinal cord on your lower back to block the pain in the lower part of your body. It works by blocking the signals passed to the brain via the spine from the lower body.

So why do pregnant women choose epidural? Does epidural cause back pain? What are the causes of back pain? How long will back pains last after giving birth? How do I get rid of back pain after epidural? What are the best postpartum back pain and aches treatment options?


Why Do Pregnant Women Choose Epidural And What Are The Dangers Involved?

Some women experience extreme pain when giving birth. Thus, an epidural is a way to ensure that women can give birth without experiencing severe pain. That is why the anesthesia is applied through the spinal canal so that it can work fast.

Although it relieves pain, there are several risk factors involved; if the needle used touches a nerve root, this would lead to temporary or permanent loss of feeling on your lower body. Additionally, bleeding and using the wrong medicine or dosage for an epidural may damage nerves.

Does Epidural Cause Back Pain?

No health information from the institute of neurological disorders and stroke shows the relationship between epidural and postpartum back pain. However, women who have gone through the procedure complained of acute back pain. The process is medically reviewed, and you may see a doctor and recommend it based on your condition. Thus back pain may be proof of the underlying cause.

Therefore rather than blaming the back pain on the epidural, it is better to find a solution to relieve the pain. Back pain is one of the significant health issues people face, but it is more severe after giving birth or for people who have arthritis and other musculoskeletal issues.

Although it is normal for the back to ache, especially after heavy lifting due to exerting excess pressure on the bone and muscles, it should be short-term. So if you experience severe back pain for an extended period, you should seek advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Additionally, if the pain persists even after taking muscle relaxants, you should seek further help from experts.

Back Pain Symptoms Related With Epidural

It is vital to note that epidural is not the cause of low back pain after giving birth. The main reason is that your back and abdominal muscles are shifting back to their original before-birth position. However, this does not mean that epidural does not have disadvantages.

The main symptom of epidural-related back pain is numbness or tingling around the injection area. Additionally, it is widespread for people to feel sore on the back a few days after epidural However, this pain and uncomfortable feeling should be gone within a few days after the epidural.

Additionally, lower back pain can be a result of an inflammatory disease along the spinal column or due to spinal stenosis and not due to epidural.

Although low back pain is common after giving birth, it should be gone within six months of giving birth with proper health care. As long as you are taking good care of yourself and taking the necessary steps to relieve lower back pain, it’s time to seek help.

How Do I Get Rid Of Back Pain After Epidural?

You should give your body time to heal on its own after the birthing process. However, when the low back pain becomes severe to the point of affecting the quality of your life, then you should consider various options used to treat back pain and muscle spasms


Most people know that massages are good for relaxing the body after a long tiring day as it relaxes the tired muscles. However, massage is an excellent non-invasive treatment method that helps relieve pain by relaxing the muscles as they return to how they are normally aligned. Thus if you experience pain and soreness after an epidural schedule an appointment with Massage Therapists at Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA and they will work on your back muscles.

Cold And Hot Therapy

As the name suggests, cold and hot massage involves massaging while alternating a cold and hot object. You can use a packet of frozen peas, and a towel dipped in hot water. Ensure that you start with cold therapy first and gently massage your sore spot before switching to hot treatment. Although simple, the hot and cold treatment does wonders and eliminates back pain and soreness.


You have carried a baby for nine months and brought a new life into the world! You deserve to rest and take it slow for a couple of months. Ensure that you take well-needed bed rest and concentrate on bonding with your child. Let a family member take care of all your needs or hire a house help. Self-care is essential because if you don’t take care of yourself and give yourself a break, back pain may intensify.


Exercise before and after giving birth. Exercising before giving birth makes your body strong and flexible; thus, you are more likely to have a smooth birth process. On the other hand, exercising after giving birth may be all the treatment you need for low back pain. Ensure that you start with simple exercises, but you can increase your workout as you heal and become stronger.

Physical therapy

This should be the last resort when you have tried all the other options to reduce pain to no avail. After diagnosis, the physical therapist may recommend you undergo x rays to determine the cause of your problems. After the results and determining whether you need anti-inflammatory medication, you will find a solution for your situation. In extreme cases, surgery may be the last option for you.

Postpartum Back Pain And Aches Treatment

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