8 Signs You Need a Chiropractor in Longview, WA

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing chronic back pain and other joint pains. One solution that has often been overlooked is chiropractic care, which provides holistic solutions to a variety of problems including the alleviation of pain caused by poor posture or prolonged sitting for long periods. It’s important to take advantage of such a resource as Dr. Rick Still at Family Chiropractic Care in Longview can help with any number of related issues like bad backs, neck stiffness, muscle aches, and more!

Chiropractic care is a type of care focused on overall system care. It does not rely on pain medicine or a slew of pharmaceutical drugs. Instead, it focuses on a system of therapy that revolves around the structure of your body.

You will notice that chiropractic care will hone in on the spine, which is a vital part of your entire system. These professionals will conduct practices that will revolve around your alignment to mitigate internal distress and increase overall function. These practices and exercises will help your body to recover and get back to a state of balance.

Many understand this practice as chiropractic spinal manipulation and understand that these chiropractic adjustments can help with blood flow, poor posture, and back pain.

Indeed, a core part of the practice is spinal manipulation but remember that chiropractic care clinics like Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA can also come with a variety of other treatments. These treatments can range from manual to other manipulative care practices, overall education, diet and lifestyle change, as well as ergonomic assistance. You will find that this holistic level of care will provide knowledge on the prevention of pain and proper ways to move around to mitigate risks.

You will also find that many chiropractors can work hand in hand with primary care physicians to help you improve your overall quality of life. From spinal manipulation to massage, you will find that chiropractors can provide immense value.

If you are one that suffers from frequent headaches, neck pain, and chronic back pain, you may need to see a chiropractor.

Here are 8 signs that you need the services of a chiropractor right away.

1. Recurring Muscle and Joint Pain

Pain is a clear indicator that something is wrong with your joints, muscles, or bones. Pain killers will indeed ring in your mind as the first remedy when you experience pain in Longview, WA. However, it would be best if you remembered that continued use of over-the-counter medications could cause regrettable medical conditions as they will only offer a short-lived solution. However, an experienced chiropractor like Dr. Still in Longview, WA can provide you with a long-lasting solution by aligning your body muscles and joints to alleviate the pains.

2. Body Alignment Issues

Your body can suffer misalignment challenges from lifting and twisting to turning and engaging in physical activities that you aren’t naturally designed to engage in. Subluxations (this is how chiropractors call misalignment) can cause stress on your nervous system and unease on the body in general. It would be best to see a chiropractor early enough to address any misalignment issue before limiting you from performing certain activities in Longview, WA. 

  • Your Work Requires Long Sitting Sessions

You may need chiropractic services if your work involves a lot of sitting in Longview, WA. Did you know that an office worker sits for an average of 10 hours a day?

That is quite a bit of sitting and can contribute to poor posture.

You may be a victim of degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes if you engage in activities like driving to work, sitting at your office desk, taking meals while seated, and watching movies. Chiropractors in Longview, WA, are professionally trained to deal with the structural issues attributed to long hours of sitting. 

See a chiropractor at Family Chiropractic Care if you realize regular issues related to neck pain, a lack of blood flow, shooting pain in your back, or limited range of motion. Dr. Still will certainly look at your situation and understand why the shooting pain or neck pain is occurring while looking for the most obvious signs and nuanced causes of the issues.

3. If the Soles of your Shoes Wear out Differently

Do your soles lack uniformity? If so, you may want to consult with a chiropractic professional at Family Chiropractic Care.

Uneven sole length is a clear indicator that you are a victim of spinal misalignment issues, and you need a thorough chiropractic manipulation to get things in shape.

You need to schedule a visitation to your chiropractor in Longview, WA, as early as possible to prevent the problem from escalating into a chronic challenge.

4. You are overly active

Physical exercises will indeed present your body with a range of benefits in Longview, WA. However, over-exercising exposes your body to repeated stress. Adding chiropractic sessions to your fitness program in Longview, WA, will increase your mobility and enhance your physical performance while minimizing the chances of facing future injuries. 

5. Tension Headaches and Continuous Migraines

Migraines and headaches emerge from a dozen of issues. However, your chiropractic in Longview, WA will consider analyzing the levels of muscular tension in the neck region when you complain about constant headaches and migraines. 

In most cases, people who complain about migraines will either reveal that they lead a sedentary lifestyle, have muscular tension, or have joint irritation. While medications may grant you a temporary solution, a chiropractor in Longview, WA will initiate a deeper analysis of the pain and present you with a long-lasting solution to the problem at hand. 

Initial spinal adjustments and care will focus on pain relief but can progress to prevention and overall care.

6. Flexibility and Mobility Needs Improvement

Your spine plays a significant role when making any movement. A misaligned spine compromises the action of other body parts like your hips, joints, and shoulders. 

While physical activities like stretching will make an impact, it is regrettable that the results are short-lived. However, spending hours with your chiropractor in Longview, WA, will help you identify the cause of your flexibility issues and avail you of a long-lasting solution. 

Your chiropractor in Longview, WA, will guide you through the process of increasing your range of motion while ensuring that your flexibility is at its maximum. 

7. Increase Your Cognitive Function and Mental Clarity

You must get a chiropractor as one of the key people on your contacts list if you consider leading a health-conscious and stress-free life. 

Remember, your brain greatly relies on other body parts to maintain its proper function. In particular, the back region is connected to essential elements like the spinal cord that controls most of the brain’s operations related to the lower areas of the body. 

You may be a victim of sub-optimal brain function any time your spine is misaligned. A professionally done chiropractic adjustment in Longview, WA, will help you improve your brain function, particularly the pre-frontal context, which acts as a conductor of the whole brain system. 

As you can see, a chiropractic visit is not only about relieving pain, a pinched nerve, limited range of motion, or unwanted pressure, it is about oxygen deprivation, optimal clarity, and even degeneration and alignment issues.

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