6 Ways to Maintain Good Posture

Poor posture can lead to chronic pain, discomfort, tension in the muscles and curvature of the spine. Specifically, the more pronounced curving of the upper spine due to poor posture is referred to “excessive thoracic kyphosis.” Kyphosis leads to changes in mood, chronic discomfort, breathing difficulties and disfigurement of the upper back. At Family Chiropractic Care, we want our clients to have excellent overall health and a pain-free life, which is why we stress following these 6 ways to maintain good posture:  

  1. Be mindful of your posture throughout the day. It is easy to resort to slouching when you are working at a computer or working a trade that requires frequent bending. Make a point to sit up straight periodically during the day.
  2. Lift your equipment to promote good posture. If your computer or workspace is situated lower than your chest, you will undoubtedly slouch. Try raising your equipment to a level that allows you to sit up straight.
  3. Purchase a lumbar pillow or lumbar roll. If you sit for a prolonged period of time during your workday, a lumbar pillow will automatically push your lower back and assist you to correcting Family Chiropractic Care team today by calling 360-636-2636 to discover how we can help you achieve a healthier body!” target=”_blank”>poor posture.
  4. Choose a mattress that is comfortable for you and does not curve your spine. When you shop for a mattress, lay down on it and ask a loved one or friend to watch if you are sinking into the mattress or if your back is curved. Then, remain in the bed for at least 15 minutes to determine if it causes you discomfort. If all else fails, be certain it comes with a no-hassle return policy.
  5. Take 1-2 minute stretches breaks while working. To avoid bad posture, perform stretching exercises periodically during the work shifts and hold the positions for 20 seconds each. Some examples of stretching techniques include: stretch your hands above your head with your fingers outstretched; put your hands behind your back, grasp them together and gently raise them up; and reach down and touch your toes.
  6. Remain under the care of a licensed and experienced chiropractor. One of the best ways to maintain good posture is to adhere to a treatment plan set by your Family Chiropractic Care team, which includes chiropractic adjustments, massages and nutritional advice.

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