Treating Muscle Knots: Advice from Longview Chiropractors

Have you ever had an intense pain deep inside your muscle? One that when touched seems to spread out into the whole muscle? These painful spots may be caused by muscle knots. Muscle knots are small balls in the muscle fibers that cause unpleasant reactions. Though there are many causes of these knots the most common are sitting for a prolonged time, stress, strain, and poor posture. There is hope though, and you can find it at your Longview chiropractor and their massage therapists.

How to Treat Muscle Knots

Muscle knots can be treated with chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, or better yet a combination of both. You will want to speak with your Longview chiropractic clinic to decide on a treatment plan that works best for you. During this consultation your chiropractor may want to perform a spine and posture screening, to discover your overall needs and help lay out a routine for you to do at home. This routine and the techniques your chiropractor provides you with will allow you to continue the treatment of your muscle knots between office visits. Learning better habits in regards to your posture and making small lifestyle changes can help to avoid further muscle knots in the future.

Massage Therapy for Knots

Treating muscle knots with massage therapy can be done in many different forms. With muscle knots mostly occurring deep within your muscles, one of the most popular methods of massage therapy is deep tissue massage. This deep penetrating massage can help to relax and release the knots and allow the pain to subside. Receiving this deep tissue massage in Longview is just a phone call away.

Release Muscle Knots with Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic treatment can help alleviate the pain caused by muscle knots by realigning the areas that have become strained due to improper posture and bad ergonomic habits. Your chiropractor can also discuss different methods of stretching and exercises that help not only the muscle knots but your whole body to feel good again. The combination of the two will help get you back to living your life without pain.

Taking the First Step Towards Living Pain-Free

With the rigors of life and the stresses put on your body daily from work muscle knots are hard to avoid. By making an appointment with your Longview chiropractor today, you will be taking the first step towards living a pain-free life. By combining your chiropractic care with massage therapy, you could quickly be on your way to a healthier you.