The Top 5 Activities That Can Cause Whiplash

If you’ve ever experienced having a whiplash injury or wished to never go through that kind of pain, you’ve come to the right place in order to know more! We’ve listed down the top five activities which can cause it for you to be knowledgeable about the possible ways to avoid it.

A whiplash injury usually occurs when a forceful and sudden movement causes the hyper extension and/or hyper flexion of the cervical spine. The soft tissues in the neck are often torn because of reaching its natural limit. Save yourself from this agony and read more!

The number one cause of a whiplash is car accidents. The speed of a car doesn’t even have to be that fast to experience one. When a vehicle accident occurs, the head snaps back and then forward resulting to a whiplash injury. A collision’s impact may be lessened by making sure that you’re wearing a seatbelt.

Some activities on the list will be probably unexpected and surprising for you since these activities are done with a lot of fun. The second one includes sports such as boxing, football, hockey, karate and more. Physical activities require us to put a lot of force and unnecessary movements in our bodies which usually leads to whiplash injuries. That’s why it’s good to take caution in stretching first before enjoying your sports.

The third one on the list is none other than your go-to amusement park rides. Those seemingly harmless rollercoasters and extreme rides are often leading to give you the loudest screams you can ever produce due to a whiplash injury. Those high speed rides usually tend to be a source of impact on the neck with the force of the gravity and deceleration of the head.

As simple as it may seem, cycling is the number four in our list. Especially if you’re biking in a high slope or high speed, the tendency to earn a whiplash injury increases. If possible, wear a helmet at all times so the impact of a fall or an accident may be lessened.

Finally, going to the gym can also lead you to a whiplash injury. High-end gym equipment can be heavier than one can imagine and make you strain your neck. It’s always better to be safe! Practice safety with these various activities to live a better life. Your body will thank you! Contact Family Chiropractic Care in Kelso, WA if you are suffering from whiplash.