Improve Your Posture While Driving

Have you been suffering from constant pain in your back?

Or do your hips feel stiff often?

Well, this might be caused by an improper posture while you are driving. If you haven’t realized yet, prioritizing your seating position at work is equally as important while driving. An average person usually spends 20 hours in a car per month. So making sure that your posture is perfect while driving and at work is just as important as going for a chiropractor check-up will give you the benefits of comfort and healthy habits.

At least 30,000 people go for a visit to a chiropractor each month with worsened injuries or health conditions because of incorrect driving posture. The first thing to take note of is to opt for a car which is suitable for your body dimensions. It would greatly help your posture if you can adjust the height and angle of your seat and a backrest at your shoulders. You can also try to tilt your seat to make sure that the bottom of your thighs is steadily supported. About 110 degrees is suitable for a good posture. With this, you can effortlessly position yourself in a relaxed manner while going for a long drive.

Chiropractor experts also suggest that you try the mirror trick. You just have to remember to sit up straight in your car seat, then adjust the side view and rear view mirrors in a direction where you can see them. Leaving the mirrors in that position will automatically jog your memory to sit up properly to view the mirrors.

If your lower back doesn’t feel supported while driving, you can roll up a towel and put it in the small of your back for added ease and relaxed muscles. When you are driving for a weekend vacation or a long road trip, it can get really exhausting with the long hours of sitting so you tend to slouch. The biggest secret tip is to take regular breaks from driving. If you’re stuck in a traffic or waiting for a go, side bends, shoulder circles and shrugs can ease the weariness and lead you to a better posture over time. Thanks to these helpful pieces of information and tips from our trusted chiropractors, you’re now on your way to the best posture possible while driving. Enjoy less pain and more fun on your next road trip.

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