Exercises You Can Do for Bone Health!

As you most likely know, your bones are one of the most important parts of your body. They do so much, including, but not limited to, holding your body up. Yet over time, bone can break down, leading to osteoporosis and brittle bone later in life. This can lead to broken bones that can seriously affect your health and mobility.

There are numerous things you can do to maintain bone health, the easiest of which is ensuring that you keep a well-rounded diet.

But what about exercises? Some of the following exercises can help build and maintain strong bones and can be done at any age.

Tai Chi

One of the best exercises to maintain bone health is Tai Chi. This exercise is particularly good for preventing bone loss, and particularly beneficial for post-menopausal women. A study published in Physician and Sports medicine found that for women who did at least 45 minutes of Tai Chi a day, the rate of bone loss was significantly lessened. On top of that, Tai Chi is incredibly relaxing and can clear your mind!


Another relaxing exercise that is beneficial for bone health is yoga. In particular, yoga is particularly good to maintain spine health. Moreover, yoga has so many different activities that it is healthy for anyone of any age, building health in almost every bone in the body.


Walking is a good idea as well. Multiple studies have found that walking daily can reduce the risk of major bone injuries, particularly hip injuries, by anywhere from 40% to 50%. Just as importantly, the pace that one walks can provide benefits, but the studies all suggested walking at a “brisk” pace.


An action that many people enjoy doing and can also provide benefits for bone health is dancing. Classical dances tend to be more beneficial and with the amount of places that provide dance classes, it is a great idea to get into one and dance! Take your significant other or, if you do not have one public classes will provide partners as well, and dance yourself out of those shoes. It will get that heart pumping, hips moving, and knees bending, all of which can help provide bone growth.


If you are younger, almost any aerobic exercise can help build and maintain bone health. More importantly, these exercises can maintain a healthy heart, muscles, and psyche. If these exercises aren’t your cup of tea, try hiking, kickboxing, or bicycle riding. All will help!

Lifestyle Advice for Bone Health from Family Chiropractic Care in Kelso, WA

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