Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Make You Tired? What You Should Know

Have you ever had a Chiropractor make an adjustment to your back or spine? Some people might have heard about patients feeling tired after your doctor makes an adjustment. Whatever kind of correction you might require, read on to learn more about why you might feel tired after your Chiropractor fixes your back or spine.

What Happens During Your Adjustment

Do you suffer from headaches or have back pain? You can have a visit with an excellent Chiropractor such as Dr. Still at Family Chiropractic Care. He can give you a thorough examination to diagnose your health issues. If an adjustment is needed for you, he will make an adjustment.


During the adjustment, you will hear a popping sound, but it isn’t the Chiropractor cracking your bones. Instead, the adjustment is merely mending the spine into the proper position it’s supposed to be. The noise is from the release of gas from spinal joints as the process is being done, nothing more. So, relax if you think the Chiropractor might be hurting you further whenever they adjust your spine. They are only trying to fix the problem from a recent injury, improper posture, or some other illness plaguing your body. After the adjustment is made, your body should be feeling better and healthier since it will improve your nervous system to the way it should work.

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Potential Causes of Tiredness

Can Chiropractic adjustments make you tired? When a person gets an adjustment from a Chiropractor, it’s always to help improve your health. However, since your body is healing and functioning more than usual, this could cause you to feel more tired. You see, before the adjustment, you might have suffered from lack of sleep. After the alignment is made, you can sleep more like a healthier person. Therefore, you might think the results make you more tired, but it’s just your body changing to a more healthier body.


Of course, being tired could also be from your body exerting too much energy whenever you get adjustments from your Chiropractor. If your Chiropractor thinks this is the reason, you should continue the treatment plan they put you on since it will help you in the long run.

Chiropractic & Your Sleep Schedule

If you are searching for a Chiropractor in Longview, WA, then check out Dr. Still at Family Chiropractic Care. Dr. Still and his team of experts will treat you with the best service possible and ensure your adjustment makes your body healthier. Contact us today to set up an appointment or ask any questions you might have about how adjustments made by your Chiropractor can affect your sleep schedule. You might have a better night’s sleep if you pay Dr. Still a visit soon!