3 Chiropractic Myths Debunked

Over the years, chiropractic treatment has become more accepted. However, there are still many chiropractic myths that exist. Below are three debunked myths that surround chiropractic treatment.

Myth #1: It Hurts!    

One of the biggest myths out there that prevent people from seeking chiropractic help is that it hurts. No one who is in pain wants to go through even more. For most patients, chiropractic treatment is painless. For others, there can be a moment of brief and passing discomfort. However, this pain is not due to the treatment itself. Instead, it is actually the pressure releasing itself as the adjustment is completed. We have all seen actors portray “chiropractic treatments” on TV as well. The pops and cracks you may hear are actually from air bubbles that release as the pressure in your joints is eased. (In fact, when you crack your knuckles, this is the same thing!) Your chiropractor will not snap your neck, jolt your spine, or pull your arm out socket during treatment. If your fear of the chiropractic is based on the assumption that an alignment hurts, let us consider this myth debunked!

Myth #2: They Aren’t Real Doctors!

Another of the myths that stop people from seeking treatments is that chiropractors are not real doctors. This is not true at all. Chiropractors actually must undergo much of the same education requirements that doctors have too. They attend four years of undergraduate school. After that, they must undergo another four to five years of schooling to receive their doctorate degree. Chiropractors must obtain both state and national certifications before applying for a license. Chiropractors must go through at least 4,200 hours of study. These hours are obtained through classroom, laboratory and clinical experiences. Not just anyone can call himself or herself a chiropractor. It takes a lot of training, schooling, and passion to run a licensed practice. If your fear of seeing a chiropractor is based on their education, this myth has been debunked!

Myth #3: It’s Expensive!

The thoughts that chiropractic treatment is expensive is another myth that prevents people from seeking help. Most chiropractors accept almost all forms of insurance. Chiropractic treatment is often less invasive and cheaper than continuous medications, surgeries or rehabilitation. As with a medical doctor, insurance companies are seeing value with the help of a licensed chiropractor. In fact, most doctors will recommend you seek the help of a licensed chiropractor before considering surgery as a viable option. If your fear is the expense of a treatment, this chiropractic myth has been debunked!