Why You Need To Check Your Child’s Posture

As parents, we often overlook that behind every physical activity of our children, there might be a risk to them. That includes looking out especially for their health. One of the most vital functions in their body is having a good posture. While it may be usual to see our children slouch, you must be […]

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Improve Your Posture While Driving

Have you been suffering from constant pain in your back? Or do your hips feel stiff often? Well, this might be caused by an improper posture while you are driving. If you haven’t realized yet, prioritizing your seating position at work is equally as important while driving. An average person usually spends 20 hours in […]

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Can Bad Posture Hurt Overall Health and Wellness?

The reasoning behind the great importance placed on maintaining good posture for people of all ages is about much more than avoiding kyphosis, which is the curvature of the upper back that results in permanent rounding and disfigurement of the shoulders from hunching. While kyphosis is a painful condition that can plague a person as […]

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