Should I Come in for a Massage When Sick?

You’ve woken up in the morning and feel sick. Perhaps you’ve been struck down by the flu after a busy weekend or picked up a bug on the plane unexpectedly. Either way, you don’t feel good. But you’ve got a massage appointment booked for that day – what should you do?

I’m Sick, Can a Massage Help?

It can be beneficial to receive a massage when sick. The techniques can help to relax stiff muscles and make you feel better. For example, if you’ve been coughing a lot, the back and neck may be tight and uncomfortable. A massage can help to ease these areas and encourage the muscles to relax.

Massage therapy can also help to detox you; even clearing out the sinuses and getting out all of the mucus that has been bothering you. Getting rid of bacteria can help you to get healthy again and boost your immune system. The techniques of massage can relieve sinus pressure and headaches too.

How Sick Are You?

If it’s a headache or another minor symptom that is making you sick, it should be fine to meet with your massage therapist. As long as you’re comfortable and feel like you can still enjoy it, then there shouldn’t be any problems.

There are going to be times when it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. If you’ve got a contagious bug, it’s best to stay at home until you’re feeling better. This will make sure the germs don’t spread and so you don’t feel any worse from a massage. For example, the flu can spread very easily; it’s best to stay in bed.

You should wait until you’re around four days out from when you were feeling at your worst before you consider a massage. If your doctor tells you to stay at home and rest, the same should apply for going for a massage. You don’t want to make yourself feel worse. You can look forward to a massage in Longview once you’re better.

Stay Healthy with Massage Therapy in Longview

Did you know that massages could actually prevent you from becoming sick? There are studies that demonstrate deep tissue massage can improve the immune system. This may help you fight off bugs and illness. You can say goodbye to colds and flu and help to a happy, healthy life. Massage is great for your overall health; you can contact Dr. Rick Still today for an appointment.