Is Pain After a Massage Normal?

Did you experience pain after a massage? You might have thought the massage therapist hurt you too much to go back and get another one. Read on to learn more about why you experience pain after a massage and the reasons behind why this happens.

Are You Experiencing Pain After a Massage?

Have you had a massage and experienced pain afterward? Well, don’t worry too much when it happens to you. Experiencing pain after a massage is quite normal for those who are new to massage therapy.

What Massages do to Your Body

Have you ever worked out or played a sport and felt sore afterward? This is exactly what a massage does to your body. It works out those unused muscles; therefore, you experience the unpleasant or painful effects after a massage.

When a massage therapist works those muscles that might not have been worked out before, a lot of beneficial health effects occur. It releases built-up toxins in your body, which produces painful results after a massage. Of course, getting a hot stone massage and deep tissue massage can be very beneficial to those who want to really work those tense muscles. In result, those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, prior injury, tense muscles, inflammation, stress, or other health problems can benefit from massage therapy in Longview. There might be some initial soreness after the massage, but the results are worth it.

How Bad is Your Pain?

If you’ve had a massage recently, you should always make sure the pain isn’t too serious. Most of the time, a massage can result in soreness that’s normal after the massage therapist helps work those tense muscles. However, if they delve too far into the muscle, it can cause more pain the next day. Having an experienced massage therapist in Longview can prevent such occurrences. Tell them if the pain is too much during a massage so they can change the amount of pressure on your muscles.

You can drink plenty of water, stretch your muscles, or take a warm bath after a massage to lessen the soreness the next day. However, if the pain becomes too unbearable, you can always seek medical help to make sure you are alright.

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Soreness Will Go Away

If you are a little annoyed by feeling the pain after a massage, don’t worry about it too much. The soreness should go away within 24 – 72 hours after the massage, possibly a week at the most. However, the good news is this usually happens to people who aren’t used to massages in the first place. If you decide massages are right for you and have one a few time a month, the pain should lessen with each visit. All those toxins in your body are being washed away each time your massage therapist works those kinks out.

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