How Serious is Stiff Neck and Do I Need Treatment?

Stiff neck can be inconvenient and painful. Unfortunately, most people will suffer from stiff neck at least once or twice. Sleeping in an awkward position, for example, can over strain the muscles in the neck and lead to pain. As can car accidents, roller coasters, and any sudden jarring motions. However, your Longview, WA chiropractor is here to help.

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Symptoms of Stiff Neck

There are several symptoms that indicate a stiff neck. Soreness or difficulty when moving the neck is an obvious one. However, other symptoms may also occur. These include headaches, shoulder pain, arm pain, and pain elsewhere in the neck.

The intensity of a stiff neck can vary. It can be as minor as an inconvenient, dull ache to debilitating, sharp pains. Often, resting and taking it easy can help alleviate minor stiff neck pains. However, this is not always the case.

Red flag symptoms, however, include fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, coordination issues and unexplained extreme fatigue. Seek medical attention if any of these symptoms present with your neck pain as they may indicate a serious underlying condition.

When is Stiff Neck Serious?

If you have rested for a week and your stiff neck has not yet improved, it may be time for to visit a doctor. Neck pain may be due to pinched nerves, whiplash or other strains and sprains. If your mobility has been limited by neck pain, or you feel like you need over-the-counter pain medications just to get through the day, your stiff neck needs to be treated.

Treatment for Stiff Neck & Neck Pain

A chiropractor specializes in spinal manipulation. Because of this, they are able to help reduce your neck pain. Before prescribing a specific neck pain treatment, your chiropractor will evaluate your condition through a thorough examination. They will ask questions about your symptoms, neck pain history, and which movements relieve or aggravate your pain.

Your chiropractor may recommend a number of different neck pain treatment options. A massage, for example, may loosen any stressed muscles. Lifestyle changes, such as sleeping in a different position or performing simple stretching exercises at home, may also be suggested. A spinal adjustment may be the proposed solution. Or, in some cases, a combination of several different treatment options may be suggested.