Why Hot Stone Massages are Great for Your Body!

There is nothing more relaxing than a massage, except maybe a hot stone massage! If you have never experienced hot stone massage therapy then keep reading.  To prep yourself for your massage you’ll undress and position yourself face down on the massage table. Then, the massage therapist will use hot stones positioned on your back. These stones are cleaned and sanitized before and after each use. What type of stones are used? Typically they are smooth river rocks – heated to a hot but comfortable temperature. It’s important to always check with your doctor before starting any new kind of therapy as it is not recommended for all individuals.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Rooted in many ancient cultures including the Native Americans, hot stone massage has been a valid relaxation technique benefiting the body for hundreds of years.

The heat from the stones help your muscles relax so that the massage therapist can work with your deep tissues even more effectively. The hot stones will also help your muscles loosen up. Hot stone massages typically benefit you even more than a Swedish massage because it adds the additional element of heat. Stones are heated to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit and are placed in two rows of stones in next to the spine, one row on each side. Small thin stones are also sometimes placed between the toes. If the heat or the pressure is too hot or too hard, please notify your practitioner so you don’t have harm to the areas after the massage.

The heat helps increase your blood circulation which results in less fatigue as well as a reduction in stress. Massage will also increase more oxygen to muscles and the release of built up toxins such as lactic acid and extra fluids.

Hot stone massage not only heals the body but has psychological benefits too! The relaxation that you experience with hot stone massage therapy lasts throughout the day. It can give you a mental place to focus on and the relaxation that you felt during the massage. Falling asleep or being in a deep meditative state is a common response to hot stone massage.

Hot Stone Massage at Family Chiropractic Care in Longview, WA

Now is the time to let massage therapy become a regular part of your life. Contact Family Chiropractic Care today to schedule your massage therapy appointment, and get set to feel more relaxed and stress-free than you have in years! If you’re ready to embark on the path to wellness, call Family Chiropractic Care today for your first massage therapy session.