Get the Most of Your Massage Therapy with Our Expert Therapists

Massage therapy is one of the world’s oldest pain relief techniques, dating back over 2,000 years. It is a relaxing technique that increases blood circulation while decreasing stress and fatigue. Longview, WA massage therapists use cutting-edge techniques to treat aches, pains, and injuries. Family Chiropractic Care will provide you with the best massage therapy that will leave you feeling relieved.

Here’s what you need to know about massage therapy and how to get the most out of it.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy entails a variety of techniques for manipulating your body’s muscles and soft tissues. It is now used by the vast majority of the American population for a variety of health reasons. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 19% of Americans received some form of massage in 2018. Because of the numerous health benefits of therapy, more people are seeking it to improve their overall well-being. At the Longview chiropractic clinic, massage therapy can be used to treat fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and discomfort.

What Are the Types of Massage Therapy?

Our patients can choose from a variety of massage therapies at Family Chiropractic Care. Different massage styles are appropriate for different situations, and the specialists will advise you on the best option for you. Some techniques provide complete relaxation and muscle tension relief, while others treat soft tissue injuries. You may require one or more styles to achieve relief, and our massage therapist will assist you in achieving the best results. Our specialists are skilled in deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, and aromatherapy, among other things.

  1. Deep Tissue Massage

    Driving, sitting, and hunching over your laptop can all cause muscle tension and pain. Deep tissue massage is beneficial for stiff and painful areas of the body and can help with muscle problems such as tightness, imbalance, soreness, injury, and chronic pain. In a 60 to 90-minute procedure, our specialist uses slow strokes and deep finger pressure. It targets deeper muscles and connective tissue, providing relief from knots and other soft-tissue injuries. Deep tissue massage is more intense than other types, but there will be no soreness or pain.

  2. Hot Stone Massage

    A hot stone massage is a therapy for relieving muscle pain or tension and promoting relaxation. It originated in Ancient India, where people used hot or cold stones to realign the body’s energy fields, treat tight muscles, and improve flexibility. The massage therapist places water-heated basalt rocks on specific spots to loosen up the muscles. Basalt rocks have higher heat retention than other rocks, making them the most suitable option for hot stone massages. The process takes 90 minutes and can improve blood circulation, ease muscle tension, and relieve pain and stress. Our therapist will combine hot stone and deep tissue massage to provide maximum relief.

  3. Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy is suitable for people who like a scent and an emotional healing component in their massages. It offers pain relief, reduces muscle tension, stress, anxiety, and depression, and boosts your mood. The therapist uses a selection of diluted essential oils and applies soft, gentle pressure to your body. The type of oil used will depend on your preferences and whether you have any allergies to certain products. The specialist will give you a full-body massage as you inhale essential oils through a diffuser and absorb them through your skin. The procedure takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete and focuses on your head, back, and shoulders.

The therapists at the chiropractic clinic in Longview, WA, are skilled and can help you choose the best massage treatment for your body. Other types of massage therapy you can get at Family Chiropractic Care include:

  1. Swedish massage.
  2. Trigger point massage.
  3. Pregnancy massage.
  4. Barefoot massage.

How Can You Get the Most from Your Massage Therapy?

At Family Chiropractic Care, we believe that pain management and relief through massage therapy is the first step to achieving overall wellness. There are a few things that can help you improve your experience at the therapist’s office:

  1. Arriving at the clinic on time is crucial as it helps you be more relaxed and open to the massage process.
  2. Avoid taking any meals right before a massage. It would be best if you allowed your body to digest food before beginning the procedure.
  3. You should give your massage therapist accurate information concerning health information, reasons for getting the massage, and expectations you have at the end of the procedure.
  4. You should take off as much clothing as you deem comfortable. Wear clothing that will allow the therapist to conduct the procedure comfortably if you do not want to undress.
  5. Breathe normally throughout the procedure and relax your mind and muscles. Tightening your muscles can be counterproductive, and the therapist might need to adjust or change the massage technique to help you relax.
  6. You should give feedback and report any discomfort during the session to the therapist.
  7. Give your body enough time to integrate the session results before getting up from the table.

Massage therapy offers cumulative results, so having frequent sessions will yield better results for your body. It is vital to attend more sessions, especially if you are suffering from chronic muscular tension or recovering from a soft tissue injury.

What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Apart from relieving aches, pains, injuries, and stress, massage therapy can help people with conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Getting a massage in Longview, WA, can offer you several benefits such as:

  1. Getting rid of sleep disorders.
  2. Reducing stress and anxiety.
  3. Improving immune function.
  4. Relieving cancer pain.
  5. Relieving constipation.
  6. Lessening acute back pains, headaches, neck pains, knee pains, and muscle tension.

Massage therapy is suitable for all ages.

Massage Therapy Services in Longview, WA

The professional massage therapists at Family Chiropractic Care are skilled and licensed to provide comprehensive services to residents of Longview, WA. We believe a holistic approach will help you get the relief you require. Call us at (360)636-2636 today.