Five Office Habits that Hurt Your Back & Neck

Working in an office involves a great deal of typing, sitting, bending, and stretching. This collection of movements over a full day’s worth of work can leave your muscles aching and tense. The Family Chiropractic Care team in Longview, WA, advises clients who spend time toiling away in an office setting to watch out for these 5 office habits that can hurt your back and neck:

  1. Computer is set too high or too low: You can put significant strain on your neck muscles if you are forced to look down or up at a computer screen. Make sure your screen is level with your eyes.
  2. Hunching your shoulders: A common habit of working in an office is hunching over your desk or keyboard. Poor posture can result in chronic back pain and disfigurement of the shoulders. Check in with your posture throughout the day and correct as often as possible.
  3. Chair is too high from the ground: If you have to prop your feet on the legs of your swivel chair or sit tippy-toed, you more likely to strain your lower back  muscles as you twist and turn in your seat. Adjust your chair so your feet are flat on the floor.
  4. Prolonged periods of work: Staying in one position without taking stretch mini-breaks for one to two minutes each hour can cause muscular tension and pain.
  5. Lifting heavy items: Office supplies may be light when picked up as individual items, but improperly lifting a box of printer paper can result in a back injury. If you cannot lighten the load by removing some weight, always lift with your knees.

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