Does Chiropractic Help Insomnia?

Insomnia is something that can not only make you feel drained and tired most of the time; it can also affect your emotional well-being. Conventional treatments for insomnia require you to take medication that is not always the greatest solution and can at times become addicting. The longer you suffer insomnia, the more medication you are given. Chiropractic treatment could be the answer to avoiding the need for medication and getting you a restful night’s sleep.


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Can a Chiropractor Help with Sleep?

Now you are asking does chiropractic help insomnia. The answer is yes. There are many causes of insomnia that can range from overexertion, undo strain caused by poor posture, pinched nerves due to excessive work, bad sleeping habits, and many others. Chiropractic treatment is a holistic approach, which means your chiropractor will treat the underlying cause of insomnia instead of merely treating insomnia itself. This treatment method allows for a whole-body treatment and longer lasting effects than those found through traditional medication treatments.

By treating your whole body as opposed to the chemicals in the brain that medication treats, you will receive benefits that go beyond better sleep. Your chiropractic treatment will address issues you may not even realize are affecting you. Many patients find they not only benefit from a better night’s sleep but also improved movement and overall well-being after chiropractic adjustments.

How Will You Find the Source of My Insomnia?

Through a series of questions and physical exams, your chiropractor in Longview can help you find the underlying cause of your insomnia. By discussing your daily habits and stresses your chiropractor will be able to understand the cause of your insomnia and through the physical examinations they will be able to find the areas that need treatment in order to provide relief and get you back to sleeping regularly.

What Will My Appointment Look Like?

Now you are wondering what your appointment with your Longview chiropractor will be like. You will start with a set of assessments and exams. Your chiropractor will use this time to discuss your ailments and other factors that may be affecting your sleep. From this point, they will discuss treatment options that may include spinal adjustments, massage therapy, and plans for lifestyle changes that will aid in your continued relief.

If you are suffering from insomnia, contact your chiropractor in Longview and let them help you on the path to a healthier night’s sleep and a better you.