5 Common Misconceptions About Massage

Massage therapy has become a big industry in America. Many people are starting to see the benefits from this alternative therapy. Still there are a lot of people that are skeptical. Seeing massage as something little more than a way to waste money, but that’s not true. Here are five common misconceptions about massage therapy. 


Massages are all the same.

There’s one thing that all types of have in common and that’s that will make you feel better. Every type of massage is different and therefore have advantages and disadvantages. Deep tissue is great for more intense things like serious knots, but can be more painful.  Sports massage can help you recover from exercise, and shiatsu will leave you in a state of relaxation. There are many more types of massage, and they’re great for different things. 


Massage doesn’t have a lasting effect on the body.

Many people believe that you’ll only get temporary relief from massage therapy, but that’s not true. Regular massage therapy seeks to retrain your muscles to give you better posture, and help you move better. Massages can help get rid of those nagging pains that you’ve had for years. 


Massage isn’t good for pregnant women.

There are a lot of things that pregnant women should avoid but massage therapy isn’t one of them. Getting a massage decreases stress hormones and helps your body release endorphins to help you feel better. I can help with the aches that come with pregnancy. There’s no fear of massage inducing labor. That said you do want to make sure you find a massage therapist that is skilled in prenatal massage. 


You should stay quiet during your massage.

This is the exact opposite of what you want to do. If something hurts you should tell your massage therapist so that they can alter how deep they’re going.  By the same token let your massage therapist know if something feels good so they can keep doing it. There may be some pain if massage therapist is working out knot or tight muscles.  That’s totally normal and will go away over time. You’ll feel much better after. 


Massage is all about moving muscles.

Yes, massage therapist move around muscles, but they do a lot more. They can help to loosen up eight pieces of fashion by stretching them, move fluid to help relieve tight joints, and decrease swelling.  Massage can help increase blood circulation which can speed up the healing process. 


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